Create highly integrated products with a smaller package 和 increased functionality

Semiconductor industry dem和s for higher levels of integration 和 lower costs coupled with a growing awareness of complete system configuration have continued to drive the popularity of System in Package (SiP) solutions. 冰球突破试玩’s SiP technology is an ideal solution in markets that dem和 a smaller size with increased functionality. 通过装配, testing 和 shipping millions of SiP devices per day, 冰球突破试玩 技术 has a proven track record as the industry leader in SiP design, assembly 和 test.

冰球突破试玩’s Center of Excellence for substrate-based SiP technology is located in our largest volume manufacturing facility in ATK4 Kwangju, 韩国. The large-scale manufacturing capabilities in ATK4 factory can achieve significant volume production support with very high yields with short cycle times.

冰球突破试玩 技术 defines advanced SiPs as multi-component, multifunction products in an IC package. They require high-precision assembly technologies, which leverage 冰球突破试玩’s strengths.

  • 大小减少
  • Ultra-thin package
  • Thin substrate with core 和 coreless using finer line 和 spacing
  • Conformal 和 compartmental shielding
  • Low filler size for mold underfill
  • 微细 倒装芯片铜柱
  • Double side assembly
  • Test development 和 production test
  • Turnkey solution

System in Package technology allows multiple advanced packaging technologies to be combined to create solutions customized to each end application. 层压板 based SiP technology is in a front-runner solution 和 most popular SiP solution for cellular, 物联网, 权力, 汽车, networking 和 computing system integrations.

Existing market uses for SiP include:

  • RF 和 wireless devices
    Power amplifiers, front-end module, 天线开关, GPS/GNSS modules, cellular h和set, 和 cellular infrastructure, 蓝牙® solutions, 5G NR Antenna in Package (AiP)
  • 物联网 for wearable 和 Machine to Machine (M2M)
    连接, 微机电系统, microcontroller, memory, antenna, PMIC 和 other mixed-mode devices
  • 汽车 applications
    Infotainment 和 sensory modules

  • 电源模块
    DC/DC converter, LDO, PMIC, battery management 和 others
  • Logic, analog 和 mixed-mode technology
    Tablets, PCs, display 和 audio
  • 计算 和 networking
    5G networking 和 modems, data center, storage 和 SSD
  • Extension of the technology platform to a wider field of application areas is ongoing

Antenna in Package (AiP)/Antenna on Package (AoP)
(5G NR) SiP Solutions

Millimeter wave (mmWave) radio design with beamforming 和 array antenna will be used in varieties of advanced SiP products for 5G cellular systems. Millimeter electromagnetic wave design is imposing a new challenge for the system designers, components 和 SiP packaging engineers.

Antenna in Package AiP

Key 冰球突破试玩 包装 Technologies for 航/ AoP

  • Greater than 26 GHz achieved
  • Compartmental shielding
  • Partial (selective) conformal shielding
  • Partial molding
  • Body size: up to 23.0毫米x 6.0 mm
  • Substrate layer counts: up to 14 layers
  • Low loss 和 low dielectric substrate

Double Sided Molded Ball Grid Array (DSMBGA)

To further improve the integration 和 robustness of RFFE solutions, 冰球突破试玩 has developed a Double Sided Molded Ball Grid Array (DSMBGA) package to allow molded assembly of components on both sides of the substrate.

DSMBGAKey 冰球突破试玩 包装 Technologies for DSMBGA

  • Increased integration for RFFE modules with significantly reduced package height
  • Allows integration of antenna tuners 和 passive components
  • Improves signal integrity 和 reduces losses
  • Conformal 和 compartmental shielding for EMI isolation
  • In-line RF testing

下载 DSMBGA Data Sheet

DSMBGA SiP Cross Section


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