From legacy devices to tomorrow’s System in Package solutions

To serve the diverse needs of our world-class semiconductor manufacturers, 冰球突破试玩 offers more than 3000 different package formats and sizes. Packages range from traditional leadframe ICs for through-hole and surface mounting, to those required in high pin count and high-density applications such as Stacked Die, wafer level, MEMS, Optical, Flip Chip, Through Silicon Via (TSV) and 3D Packaging.

These broad product offerings allow 冰球突破试玩 to be a single source for our customers’ total IC packaging requirements.


High power and high-speed ICs that require enhanced electrical and thermal performance benefit from the higher functional capabilities of 冰球突破试玩’s laminate package technology.


Leadframe packages have long been an industry standard. Two of 冰球突破试玩’s most popular traditional leadframe package types are Small Outline Integrated Circuit (SOIC) and Quad Flat Pack (QFP), also commonly known as “Dual” and “Quad” products.

Power Discrete

Let 冰球突破试玩 put more than 40 years of experience in power discrete packaging to work for your application. We serve a wide range of markets from automotive to communications and industrial.

Wafer Level Packaging

For greater bandwidth, speed and reliability in a customer solution, 冰球突破试玩 offers a wide range of form factors for wafer level packaging. Our facilities are strategically located next to foundries, helping us shorten cycle time to production and reduce risk.

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